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May 16, 2019 16:13:52

United States of America

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Seun Oyebode

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As a young child growing up in Nigeria, why wouldn't you love America?

You just love America. The musicians, wrestlers, politicians etc.

Back then, we call virtually every foreign movie "American Film". Later we distinguished "Chinese Film" and "Indian Film". The MVP for us was still America Film.

Up until when the internet gave unprecedented access to information, America is a dream country. I would not say that completely anymore.

But I still love America and her people. One thing that inspires me about Americans and their carriage is the nothing-is-impossible aura around them.

You see it in the way they talk, and how they go about their dealings. Sometimes they go about it with some level of arrogance. But it's there.

I see it most in their aspirations. You hear some talk about what they are working on and you're like "it takes some guts to even conceive that".

I can tell you for free, America has such a huge influence on Nigeria, though we gained independence from the Brits. America is just that image in your head when you want to think, do or take on the impossible.

The American Courage (not dream) has inspired folks beyond her shores.

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    @seunoyebode - So true Seun. Very well written. I can attest to this sentiment even from Ethiopia.

    Keni avatar Keni | May 16, 2019 17:20:54
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      @keni Thank you Keni.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | May 16, 2019 23:12:17
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    If Americans carry that nothing is impossible aura, what kind of aura would you say Nigerians carry?

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | May 16, 2019 18:31:45
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      @seunoyebode @abrahamKim - Nigerians are hustlers. They are the most hard working bunch of people I have ever met from Africa. They are in sports, movies, law, business, literature and don't get me started about music - You know Sade and Seal - Nigerians.

      Keni avatar Keni | May 16, 2019 17:26:57
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      @abrahamKim Hard Work. @keni said exactly what I'd say.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | May 16, 2019 22:57:18
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    @seunoyebode U.S.A! U.S.A! The USA is more than a country. It's an idea. Even with all our faults, I'm incredibly happy and lucky and grateful to have been born here. The US hasn't always been a positive influence throughout the world, but I'm glad to hear there's been a positive influence on Nigeria.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 16, 2019 08:43:48
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      @brandonwilson You can say that again.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | May 16, 2019 23:36:59
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