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May 05, 2019 16:37:45

Unconventional Solutions

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Keenen Charles

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I've always been fascinated by urban planning and development. In many cases, the solutions to tough problems seem unconventional. You instinctively believe that you solve traffic by adding more lanes but it turns out that doesn't help or makes things worse.

In every aspect of society existing solutions become ingrained into our thinking. When we first look at a problem we consider the obvious solutions that make logical sense to us. It's human nature. Yet in many situations, our intuitions are completely wrong. The only way to spot this is through the use of analytics and data to find the best solutions.

This goes against our own wiring but every step in the development of society has involved rebelling against our nature. Consciousness lets us fight our instincts and replace them with unnatural methodologies.

How could we teach ourselves and others to think like this first? I think it might involve a mix of the right messaging and appealing to our own self-interests. But that's not always enough. Many in positions of power will pollute messages and ideas to further their own goals. They can convince others to fight against their own self-interests.

It's a tough challenge especially for those in public positions. But as an optimist, I think eventually good ideas win. Many once unconventional ideas on urban planning have spread once they had one successful implementation. 

Unlike problems that can be solved by software, an MVP of physical solutions is a lot tougher to implement. Maybe the solution is finding a way to make testing the viability of real-world solutions as easy as building a landing page and collecting emails.

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