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Jul 05, 2019 20:00:04

Uncertain times ahead ? by @Johnson

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Jun 09, 2019 17:21:36 @Johnson

"I have learnt that i need to pick up a valid problem not anything that sounds cool"

I'm experiencing a weird feeling, feeling of being unproductive and not having a will to continue working. I'm feeling overwhelmed and so i have decided to write daily to clear my head and see what are the patterns that i'm exhibiting.

A little bit of a backstory about me first to get things into perspective. I'm a Developer who graduated in 2018, with a job in the largest custodian bank of the world, only to find myself quitting it in just short of 6 months as i hated it. To tell you the truth i had no plans of what i'm gonna do after that, but i was certain i did not wanted to continue working in the same company. I was also very keen to build my own billion dollar startup. So i started on this hard journey as a bootstrapper building products that i thought were really cool. This gave me immense fulfilment and i learnt and progressed a ton while working at it. But none of them quite took of. I had a few people using them but that was it.

Fast forward to today, it is going to be 5 months since i left my job. I have taken up a remote job as a freelancer as i have realised that building a startup is hard and it takes time. I have also learnt that i need to pick up a valid problem not anything that sounds cool. While i have a job i still don't feel happy as i think this is just a sidekick and is just a way to put bread on the table.

There is a lot of uncertainty down this road and i need to be tougher to come out of the other side.

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