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Mar 20, 2019 22:17:43

Unbundling and Bundling

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One thing I love about flying is being able to watch the shipping ports of major cities. You can watch the shipping containers coming and going out. Bundling and unbundling.

I've been thinking a lot about digestion lately. There is our own shipping port within us there. Unbundling and bundling. 

Calories and nutrition in our stomach. More complex stuff within city ports.

But from the most microscopic to the most complex of civilizations, it is all about unbundling and bundling. 

With programming I am unbundling and bundling complexities, taking real life problems and wrapping them up into software solutions. 

With fiction, I am unbundling psychology and philosophy into digestible tales. Unbundling and Bundling.

These are just two things I bundle and unbundle. But our western capitalist society is based on everybody trying to figure out what in fact they want to be bundling and unbundling. Some struggle to find this, and instead are stuck either bundling too much or unbundling too much. They sometimes continue in such a slump for so long that they blame the system. They blame the idea of bundling and unbundling.

I sometimes hear people argue that the complexity of the universe ends with us. That we will be as complex as it gets. That beyond us, there is no more quantum leaps of bundling and unbundling to be done. haha.

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    @abrahamKim - :) You have taken over Gabriel. You are writing things that I need to read a few times to comprehend. Interesting use of words. I need to learn how to bundle and un-bundle fiction. That system is too complex for me.

    Keni avatar Keni | Mar 20, 2019 19:03:15
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      @keni You are bundling and unbundling FEar!!!!

      I miss Gabriel. I don't think he will ever be back again in the same consistency as he had been. I feel like it had just been a phase for him. :(

      Abe avatar Abe | Mar 22, 2019 15:30:41
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      Oh and actually I think it's bad that I wrote something that takes multiple reads to comprehend. I shall attempt to write more clearly!!

      Abe avatar Abe | Mar 22, 2019 16:01:56
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