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Apr 12, 2019 07:34:16

Two horned unicorn

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Janne Koponen

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In IT there is a lot of talk about the unicorns. The persons that are exceptional on what they do. And not only on their own work but how they influence others around them, push forward what is possible.

These unicorns are the spearhead of their specific areas of competence. They are not intimidated by the challenges they face and impossible doesn't belong to their vocabulary. They can reach over the cap between disciples and offer a broader view of things instead of stagnating within their silos.

I have been called uniform, and not only on the technology side but recently, after I started being involved in sales, also there. I have heard praises on how I'm good on both fields. And more importantly, how I can bridge those different areas of business seamlessly together. I can switch from talking with the most technical person on the other side of the table with the business people that don't have deep understanding of the technology between sentences. I have the ability to reduce the most complex technical concepts into layman terms and combine it with the understanding of the business. How the technology can be utilized to empower the business.

Maybe i should listen those around me, admit to myself that i am indeed an unicorn. An unicorn with two horns.

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