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Mar 12, 2019 07:21:36

Tweak my working timing

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I have been trying to tweak my working hour for some time; it seems like most of the time I feel tired and frustrated, can't focus on my work. There should be some changes if I want to push myself harder this year.

So going through my work schedule, I want to tweak my wake up time. I use to work until late and wake up at 7 am to prepare my kids going to school. It's tired and stresses if I can't wake up on time, he going to be late to school. After all the things in the morning, I only start work like 10 am or 11am+ in the morning and almost afternoon time to buy lunch meal already. Lots of time wasted.

 My first change is I try to force myself to sleep early if possible and wake up at 5 am, it takes a while to warm up in the morning, but I did manage to do some work before the 7 am. The downside is I m pretty tired in the evening, can't produce any productivity work in the night time. After a week of trying up by 5 am, I got a high fever for a week, so I stop everything and plan again.

Starting of March, I try to schedule to wake up at 6 am, it feel more manageable, of course, what can be done within an hour is limited, but I can complete lots of non work thing within that hour, after I send my big kid to school, I m ready to work before 9 am. This work great with me, can't tell from my rescue time app, productivity is pretty good on March. I still get tired in the evening and night time can't focus.

Yesterday I tried to force myself to take a nap in the evening, which is the unproductive time on my whole day, I usually just doing some meaningless browsing or watch a comedy show with my wife. It works, I have better rest and can accompany the kids to go through their study in the night time, and I manage to focus and complete some task after the kids went to sleep.

I feel pretty well rest, wake up at 6 am this morning fixed a client bug and writing a post now, going to get the big kid to wake up and ready to go school. Find out your productivity timing and tweak it, plenty of rest can get you more focus, goodbye to stay late and trying to get things done; it doesn't work this way now day, especially with a family.

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