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Apr 26, 2019 07:06:59

Trying to recover

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I talking about I m being down & tired might be due to over optimise of my life for the past two months, but in fact, this happens quite often, it bites me like every month and some times like it repeat like bi-weekly.

Once I realise it happens again, I try to get more rest an try to be happy, It's really hard sometimes, I try to rest early but last night working on a product and past the sleeping hour, I try to be satisfied for the past few days, but the big kid keep getting my nerf.

One way that helps me is, I will keep going back Zenhabits to read this "Tired of Being Tired", every single time when these negative feeling beat me, I will visit that post, going through the whole post and trying to encourage myself again.

Sometimes I do think is it because I m too lonely? Life is busy surround with families and kids; I work remotely alone most of the times as well, don't have close friends that can catch up in real life. It's like stuck in somewhere and trying hard to breathe, which might be the reason for the mood swing and mentally tired.

I need to work out something to balance this, to avoid putting myself into a situation like this. Taking a short gateway might help, but it doesn't solve the root cause. Hopefully, I can cross this out from my this year todo list.

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