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May 08, 2019 18:04:10

Triangle, circ;le, rectangle

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The big yellow triangle seems red for everyone in this room. It becomes bigger and bigger per every second. Does it will replace everyone from this big room? Everyone should worry about it, because room isn't plastic as yellow or red triangle. 

Someone said that it has blue color. And, yes, it does. It has all colors in a pocket but it's yellow.

The big enemy of the triangle was a big circle. "Was" because triangle replaced the big pale pink circle. The big circle was glinting when the big explode killed it.

He was armed by his brilliant power that alloyed everything on his way. The ragged blanket was under the triangle. It have kept this blanked from its childhood when it was so young and smart. Not it doesn't think. It want only to be the biggest triangle and replace the room.

His secret was hided from everyone. Nobody even realized his color. He was a dark horse for everyone. Why doesn't it speak? Ha-ha, because it's not thinking. The conversation can be a conversation only when everyone is thinking.

The triangle was just a baby.

The big rectangle replaced this lovely triangle. Bye-bye little triangle. You came to the next room.

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