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Dec 31, 2018 22:57:48

Treat Learning like Eating

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I ate yesterday. And I’ll eat today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow as well. And unless the western economy collapses or I’m fasting, every day after that.

Regardless of how much food I eat on a given day, I’ll eat without growing sick of food in the long run. I’ll also enjoy the same dishes, as long as they’re spaced out within reason, as in I’ll continue enjoying eel sushi and margherita pizza even though I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve ingested either.

With food, we effortlessly — unless one’s battling an eating disorder — approach each meal with a hungry, open mind. We need to change our relationship with learning so that it’s more like our relationship with food.

I’ve often been asked why I’m reading some material predicated on an argument in-line with, “well don’t you already know that stuff?”. These same folks often overestimate not only my, but their own, competency in a given domain because of their perspective on learning. When they encounter some topic, their perspective will drive them to say something along the lines of, “I’ve already read a book about this topic.” Or “I already know this stuff.”

But this discounts the human condition. Our advantage, or at least our differentiation, over modern software.

Learning is so much more than just checking off a list of lessons we had set out to learn. Learning is more about what we don’t know when starting. The learning we do when we approach the same lesson or question again and again, over time, after having learned other things.

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