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Mar 04, 2019 23:05:51

towards a real cool thing

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This is me buildign and discoverign a cool thign as told through tweets. Wonder if it comes up to 200 words let's see

This is actually donut chart with an obscene radius



A less obscene radius (10,000 instead of 1,000,000) fixes weird arcs in the middles

But now you can see the curve


29,905 pixel radius is the highest this trick will go

At 29906 the middle breaks

I wonder if this is a bug in @d3js_org's arc generator or I'm abusing maths too much 🤔

@micahstubbs @mbostock @sxywu you think I'm doing a division by zero or something with this trick?


Oh like the browser misinterpreting the path definition? Hmmm didn't think of that

@mbostock you were right! This only breaks on browsers using the Chrome engine. Firefox and Safari work great :D

I just discovered a new approach to React + D3 transitions 🤯 Of course this happens juuuust when I think React for Data Visualization is complete

Check this out, it combines the "game loop via state changes" with the "D3 runs transitions" approach


And the result is totally epic. You can transition a donut chart to a bar chart



Here's a better version this is wild I won't be able to sleep tonight

Bar charts are just very very big donut charts. My mind is blown I honestly didn't think this would work


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