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Jan 10, 2019 19:27:32


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Tracking things that should be done is easy. You just list them and then check them out when done. It's a bit different when you are trying to avoid doing something.

There is no certain point when you can check such items out from your daily task list. Most logical time, of course, is to mark them "done" is when you go to sleep. But that still doesn't guarantee you won't do those things.

What about if you, for example, have decided to eat healthily. That means not eating anything unhealthy. You head to bed congratulating yourself of yet another healthy day checking out that item from the list. But then, just before you fall asleep you get the craving for something good.

It doesn't help either to have those unchecked items on your list throughout the day. You just want to cross them all out as soon as possible. But there is no way to complete the list before the nightfall. It can be frustrating especially if you have already managed to complete all the other site.s from the list. You can't get the peace of mind before going to sleep.

On the other hand, it's nice to have such items on the list. When the day seems to end up down low with not that many items completed when the day is closing to an end it's nice to have a couple of backup checkmarks waiting to save the day.

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