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May 30, 2019 21:40:06


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We went to watch the movie Tolkien tonight.  It's a movie about Tolkiens early life before he became one of the worlds greatest fantasy writers. Spoiler: in the end, he starts writing the Hobbit. 

If this would have just been a movie about a guy growing up, finding friends and falling in love while going through rough studies with a poor background I don't think I would have ever watched such a movie. I'm not the best judge of that kind of movies, but I would say as such this would have been barely mediocre.

But as a Tolkien fan, the movie kinda is a must see. And from that perspective, it was pretty ok. Still nothing spectacular. But giving some background to all his visions from real life did work nicely. How the horrors of the real world could have affected his imagination and become translated in all those bad things in his books.

For a Tolkien fan, it's worth seeing. For everyone else, I would still recommend watching it. If nothing else, then just learning about the background of one of the greatest authors is still worth it. Maybe it could have gone a bit deeper even on that end.

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