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Jan 16, 2019 18:31:59

Todoist with Template

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I have been using todoist for the past few years, it's been on and off experience, there are times that I m fully utilize it, using it for every task. There are times that I use it for certain group of tasks only.

This can tell when I get my 2018 Todoist Year In Review,  compare to 2017, my completed tasks have been reduced by 50%. What I currently doing is using Todoist for my freelance and personal task and I m using Trello for my product task, personal goal and overview of how productivity I m each week. I sync all my completed task to Trello when I do my weekly review.

While I going through my 2018 Todoist Year In Review today, I just discover one of the todoist new feature, which is the new template feature. It seems like now todoist provide you all sort of template for a different purpose, for example, goal setting, project checking, meeting agenda, social media calendar. 

The whole templates feature is interesting and it looks clean and neat. It does make me feel like using todoist fully instead of like how I currently doing, 50% of todoist and 50% on trello.

I guess I going soon to have pro & con of my current method vs the fully run on Todoist comparison.

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