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Feb 04, 2019 21:43:56

To Who or What are you a Slave?

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Just listened to this podcast and felt really inspired by this idea.

In the end, you are in servitude to someone or something.

It can be something obvious like your boss, parents or circumstance.

It can also be less obvious like your employees, kids, job, friends or even something as abstract as an idea or ideal.

But you bow to something.

There actually is no freedom.

Also... its completely natural.

And also... YOU choose!

The first thing people can think of is probably your boss at work: You have to do the things he says or you will eventually suffer negative economic consequences.

This is real. You're basically his slave.

But that boss is also a slave: To his boss.

And the highest boss?

He's a slave too: To his employees and customers.

He is responsible for providing paychecks and keeping the ship on course and has to go out of his way to achieve this.

But it can get even more complicated than this.

You can be a slave to immaterial things.

Some people are slaves to their political view: If you're very left wing you probably will not have many right wing friends, because you adhere to the ideology.

Or maybe you're vegan and the same principle applies.

Or you're religious, a family person, play soccer, like spaghetti, read books etc etc...

In the end it doesn't really matter.

You are a slave, one way or the other.

In anything, there will be nuances that are neither fun nor enjoyable for you and you will only do them anyways, because, well, that's what it takes.

You want to start that company? Well, I guess you have to figure out how to get customers...

Want to see your grandma? Well, I guess you have to climb 6 floors of stairs, because the elevator is broken...

Want to eat a hamburger? 17.99$ plus tip!

The choice is yours.

But don't be confused...

There will be things that you will not want to do.

Its not about finding your passion in life.

Its about finding who you want to serve.

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