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Apr 20, 2019 21:12:10

Title comes last

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Janne Koponen

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Here we go then. Like I wrote yesterday, trying out writing without a direction. I have no idea where this lead. I'm not even sure how to continue from there.

Apparently, I'm still going on. It doesn't matter that I didn't a thing of any topic for this post today. I just started writing. But this probably isn't that interesting. I admit that having some idea about what to write would help. Otherwise, this kind of writing would probably always lead to the same end result. And I'm sure after a couple of times it would get really boring.

But still, it would sometimes be better to not decide the title first and then write about it. It's ok to start writing about something particular. It really helps to have some idea. It's ok to write the title last in that case as well.

So it's not that much about the title, or the topic. It's about having some idea of the direction I want to head when I start writing. It doesn't matter what that is. As long as I have some direction I can then just follow it.  Instead of starting to write without an aim I should just pick more random topics.

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