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Dec 16, 2018 16:06:30


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It's been pretty often I have that really tired but didn't accomplish much, it's like you been wasting a lot of time on nothing after spending all of the efforts but nothing gets done.

It's more like a mentally tired, not physically tired. I had felt like these pretty often, which I wonder is it because I m working alone? Normally  I will try out 3 ways to solve it.

1. I will try to do some work organizing, put up some trello board doing some planning, put up tasks on my todoist and check through some routine work, all these are trying to convince myself, no worry everything is under control

2. I will just let go of everything and just Netflix & chill or Youtubing. This helps me to relax for a short while but it won't last for long.

3. Sometimes I manage to fight back by doing more work or working on products, which is my favorite way, if this doing correctly it will help me to clear the tiredness.

One of the posts from zenhabit that I always re-read when I have these meaningless tired is "Tired about being tired". It reminds me how should I correctly handle tired like these.

I going to adjust my writing timing to solve my tired of writing issue starting tomorrow.

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