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May 01, 2019 15:52:56

Timing & Geography

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Keenen Charles

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Everything that occurs has its own coordinates. Some combination of x, y, z, and time. Our entire lives unfold across a linear time dimension while our locations may change. We're unable to alter that time value.

It's amazing then that anything good ever occurs. Somehow the right intersection of coordinates leads you to a good event. The universe is so big anything is possible, but those moments when you find the right opportunity or people really are special.

It's tragic then that the intersections we can potentially have are limited by the coordinates we occupy in our lifetime. We'll never know how many great connections we could have made in places we've never visited. We'll never know who we could've met at specific times. We'll never know which intersections simply occurred at the wrong time.

How many opportunities do we miss as a result of timing and geography? What could have been?

Maybe that's a deeper value that can come from travelling. When you travel you can exponentially increase the potential intersections you'll have. You have a greater chance of crossing paths with events and people that you never would've before. All that's left then is to be in the right place at the right time.

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