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May 09, 2019 20:43:07


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Now that I have had plenty of time at my hands I have noticed I don't have many time wasters. Sure, I do have some of those, but nothing that would be enough to fill these past few days. So they have ended up being quite boring. So boring that I actually did things that can't be actually considered resting. But as my back has gotten better I felt like I could start doing something productive already.

So I have managed to weed out my time wasters so that, while I still do have them, they are basically capped on how much time they can take from my daily schedule. I don't need to discipline myself from them as they kinda run out soon enough.  I don't have anything that could take as much time as I would have.

Of course I could have started something new. But that would have resulted in new time waster being added to my days. And I really don't want to do it. I need to be careful now that I seem to have achieved a nice equilibrium with those.

It's ok to have a couple of things to just relax for a moment. But they should be such that they are over and done soon enough instead of offering infinite amount of leisure.

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