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May 25, 2019 19:35:39


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Janne Koponen

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I should be out there, being available if somebody needs me.  It I'm sure they will manage a few minutes without me as well. The game will go on without me just fine for a moment.

While it's fun, I have really enjoyed my time it has also been draining at the same time. So this is a good moment to step out and take couple of minutes for myself. Recharge so I can keep going for the rest of the evening.

Writing these feelings down and have done with the daily responsibility is a good excuse for it. I knew it will be a busy day so I should have written already in the morning. But on the other hand now I can combine these two things at once.

Once this is done I can go back and focus again fully in the game not needing to worry about finding a suitable time later. Even if it doesn't take more than this it still feels I can't just step out for it. But giving myself this short moment is good. I already feel better and ready to go back out there. Sometimes all you need is couple of minutes with yourself.

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