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Mar 21, 2019 08:42:25

Thinking of Projects

by @brianball PATRON | 212 words | 401💌

Brian Ball

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About us



Community contributions

Per user contribution curation ( each member creates their own branch )

Print to PDF

Social Media Share

Daily Email

Daily Sponsor

Rich Text Editor


Quiet Mode


Free to start - this will reduce barriers to entry and help us get feedback

$10 / mo when you average more than 10 contributions


static html with template + netlify


email - set up hosting and register an email

chat widget - choose from the chat options like Intercom, Drift, see which one makes economic and use-case sense for how much we want to man the support lines.

A use can contribute something relevant to the post.

A new user to the post might see 100 contributions and can edit ( say goodbye ) to those they don't like.

We'll need to design some constraints to make a nice PDF.

Social media Share for Twitter / Image for Instagram and Facebook plus the unfurling of URLs in Twitter and Slack etc.

Tiny MCE can be used for the rich text editor. People don't like plain text. We like to SPICE IT UP.

Pop-ups ( cookie disclaimers, notifications, email sign-up forms etc. )

Quiet Mode - put yourself on pause for a week. Only see curated lists. Don't overwhelm yourself with the noise of an active community.

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