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May 17, 2019 22:53:02

Things you would like to tell high schoolers

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I might have the opportunity to talk in the class of high school students where I used to study in this summer. I started to summarize what would be interesting topics for them. I started to wonder what I would want to know when I was a high school student.

Global Talent Competition

It has been a while that globalization has some impacts on employment. Comparing to the generation of my parents' or ours, it would be still accelerated. 

Those who have an outstanding capability found a startup or are offered many positions and headhunted. Others are not. 

If you are talented in software or computer science, you could have more choices in terms of time, location, and income. 

At the same time, thanks to automation and advanced machine learning, if basic income is introduced, the logic above does not mean anything. Instead, it would be more useful to find what you can find meaningful and nurture your passions.


If we can continue to do for a longer term, it would be a good indicator to say we have a passion. stop... stop...

Any ideas you would like to talk about to high school students?

oh boy... this is so boring. I need to change my mind and come back to this topic again. Otherwise high schoolers will immediately sleep. 

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