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May 03, 2019 07:36:08

Things to do today:

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Brian Ball

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1. Finish your coffee

2. Get out for a walk in nature

3. Set a goal to complete something and complete it.

4. Eat something healthy

5. Meditate / Relax

6. Try something intellectually challenging, then repeat it two more times.

7. Brainstorm with a friend - each come up with 10 ideas for something.

8. Show up - even if you're not the most prepared person in the room.

9. Share a good resource with a friend.

10. Write instructions to your future self. ( even if that's only an hour from now )

11. Find some companies / people you think you'd enjoy working with - reach out and say hi.

12. Make somebody smile with encouragement.

13. Listen more than you talk.

14. Enjoy the voices in your head.

15. Complain -- but do it silently -- and in a cartoon voice.

16. Make a list - share it.

17. Ask questions to learn something you're interested in.

18. Find a great teacher and learn from them - and share their work.

19. Copy the work of somebody you admire -- or try -- you won't get the strokes right.

20. Drink water.

21. Stand up from your desk and put a big smile on your face. Don't tell anybody why.

22. Have some deviant thoughts -- then know that everybody else is as well.

23. Clean off your desk.

24. Thank a person and give them patient eye contact.

25. Find somebody you can agree with - then do so.

26. Find somebody you disagree with - then change your mind to see if you could get on their side.

27. Laugh at how serious this all is.

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    hihihi... omg... @brianball you are soooo into lists now ;-)))

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | May 03, 2019 19:59:35
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    @brianball Great list! Definitely some peaceful stuff to think about. Will pick a couple of those today!

    Clement avatar Clement | May 03, 2019 16:47:47
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