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Jan 30, 2019 04:36:33

Things that will always be true

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Jeff Bezos was always asked, "what are the things that will change in the next 10 years?". Asking Jeff Bezos about the future is a common question because his companies own a huge real estate on the internet. 

And the fact that he's now (2018) the richest man on earth means that he has huge influence on the economic development of his country and possibly the world.

He responded by saying, "No one asked me what are the things that will not change in in the next 10 years. And I would say the latter is the more important question to ask." 

He then laid the philosophy that's been driving Amazon:

Customer will always want to buy things at a cheaper price. No one in the next 10 years will say, "Hey I like your stuff, can you make it more expensive"?

Customer will always prefer fast delivery for items they bought. Nobody will say, "I'd like to buy from you but can you deliver it more slowly?".

These are the things that will pay dividend in the next 10 years if you build your business on this stability, and that's what Jeff Bezos and Amazon did.

When some things are always true, you can afford to dedicate a lot resource and and energy into it.

I think this can be a useful mental exercise for thinking about career and business strategy. Think critically of the things that has stayed true for decades and work on skills that will pay dividend for years to come.

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