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Feb 18, 2019 22:14:49

Things I'm grateful for

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The topic of the week is an interesting one - things I' m grateful. During my younger day, I don't understand all these; I only know how to waste my youth. Looking back at nearly 40, I m fortunate that I didn't take any significant wrong steps and I m glad about what I have now.

Things I' m grateful for in no particular order, anything that pops in my mind.


  • My Wife - We don't in sync for everything, but at least all my most significant decision has her full support.  Without her, I won't be able to become an indie freelancer and enjoy the current lifestyle.
  • My kids - Thanks for my kids for teaching me not easy to be a parent, through them I learn to treasure more my time with my parents. They give me all sort of memory too and I m glad that the memories were growing with them.


  • I got no major issue on health despite overweight, which I m actively manage it this year.
  • There is some minor issue on the family health, but overall nothing serious.


  • It's pretty tight this year compared to the past few years, but overall is not bad, at least work and cash is still flowing in.
  • There is no huge burden on me that I can still explore products that I want to build.


  • Instead of busy for nothing or busy to earn money, I can still keep some times for myself, planning some upgrade, doing a bit of gaming, reading some book and watch some Netflix.
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