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Dec 20, 2018 06:04:15

Things I consumed today

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Victoria Maung

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1. 50 big ideas for 2019. Automation, regulation, AI, diversity, inclusion, personalization, data democratization, emerging technologies, disruption, M&A, idealism, de-polarization, ecosystem mindset, action. These ideas make it feel as though we're approaching an inflection point in the way the internet is transforming society.

2. How uber makes money. A fascinating dissection of Uber's decade of transformation and role in the ride-hailing market. As Uber approaches IPO, take a look at its advantages and challenges.

3. The coming commodification of life at home. Hard to imagine that one day there'll be a generation that no longer has to restock a fridge. But then again, no one anticipated that just within a couple of decades, the primary form of entertainment would ubiquitously become staring at glowing screens.

4. What it means that the surgeon general now calls vaping an 'epidemic'. The battle with Juul is a battle against a cultural shift. Aside from corporate regulations, I wonder who's effectively fighting conceptions like, the nicotine is just as addictive as caffeine or vaping is a clean kind of buzz without the cigarette byproducts, without sounding like an old codger. You know there's a whole culture built around Juul when third-party sites sell things like Juul-compatible THC pods, nicotine-free pods, etc. Maybe someone can start by offering support to these commentors on the QuttingJuul Sub-reddit.

5. Bleed Out (2018) trailer. Contractual agreements formed between hospitals and insurance companies are a black box to me. 

6. China's green great wall. China tries to transform a desert through sheer labor force. Is it possible to transform an entire ecosystem? If so, what would it take?

7. The magic economics of gambling. At which point does economics turn into psychology? Humans tend to outweigh the negative impacts of low-probability events, so what other decisions in our lives, big or small, are we making based on this bias?

8. Why Do Tomatoes Taste So Bland? An example of one of the worst possible applications of artificial selection. Americans ruining delicious fruits again. Red delicious apples, I'll pass on that too. End fruit and vegetable eugenics!

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