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Jan 19, 2019 23:09:59

There is only so much I can do

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Janne Koponen

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It's getting closer. The day when I need to reset my daily task count. I'm already struggling from day to day to meet the goal.

At least some days. Other days, it just happens so that at some point I do realise have done enough, and then some more. And by doing so making the following days even more challenging.

Other days I find myself close to it. Just a few tasks more and I'd be there. It surprisingly easy, and motivating, to get those few missing things done. And all this adds up. I have got so much done in the past few weeks.

The problem isn't, after all, my ability to do enough the fact is that I’ll soon reach to the point where I need to complete every single item in my daily tasks list to meet the goal. And even then, not the actual goal, just the minimum of doing at least as much as in the previous day.

But there won't be any room to improve from there on. No more tasks to do. At least from the list. Naturally, nothing would stop me from actually doing more. I already do so some days in some categories.

Of course, I could just add new items to the list. More things to do and new possibilities to improve. Or maybe I could just be happy to once see the perfect list. A day with everything done.

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