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Feb 27, 2019 03:21:02

There is no speed limit

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Jose Varela

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Recently, I've reduced the time between retrospectives. Thinking about what was good or bad about my work for the past 3 days makes me focus on details that tend to be overlooked over a 2-week period. Evaluating how I went about specific tasks gives me specific pain points to address or at least something actionable to improve upon. Going over my daily work, what difficulties I had and how long it took me, made me realize my expectation of what is an acceptable amount of work done over a fixed period of time is entirely made up. What if I didn't spend 4 hours setting up a library and just paid for a hosted service? What if I had just chatted up someone on Codementor instead of figuring out myself?

There's a common meme in the software engineering world about developer productivity: there are 10x engineers. Teammates who produce 10-100x what an average Joe on the team does. Wether or not there are objective measures to prove these people exist, you can increase your multiplier by carefully analyzing and improving your effectivity and efficiency. Using better tooling, learning new techniques, delegating or outsourcing tasks, paying for advice - don't leave out any options. The point is that it is possible and if there are constraints (I can't hire someone, my boss won't let me) then you know where to focus your efforts to increase your output.

There is no speed limit. We set the standard and pace of improvement.

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    Can you write about your experiences with codementor?

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Feb 27, 2019 14:26:50
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