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Feb 18, 2019 07:32:42

The Words unwritten

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Janne Koponen

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I can write words, a lot of them if needed. But I feel like I don't write enough Words. It's easy to write just something, without meaning. At least enough to fill the daily goals. It's also easy to write about some given topic. A text that revolves around a concrete concept isn't that hard to produce for me no matter what is the subject.

The Words instead, those things with the True Meaning. I don't know how to wrote them. I know I should write them and I know when they are expected. But at those moments I seem to be unable to produce those Words. I might even be unable to produce mere words at those moments. I just can't get them out at the right time.

I should really try to start writing more Words, the ones that have a deeper meaning and are more personal. Even if it feels scary to let those Words out. But they are the ones that really matter. They can make a difference. And that is why I call them Words with a capital "W". They convey more than just ideas or concepts, more than basic information. They are more personal, meaningful and carry out emotions.

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