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Dec 01, 2018 14:27:03

The Weekend

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Gene Lim

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The weekdays have ended and the weekend has finally started. Me as a full time software developer with many ideas and side projects in my mind, the weekend is where I will have the most time to concentrate them on. Which is what I actually did right after I woke up in the morning.

Once again, the basic routine, make the bed, shower, breakfast and off to my desk. After an hour or so of hacking around, I noticed that I have been draining brain juices throughout the whole weekday. So I stopped what I am doing and slacked a little around by reading other people's writing here at 200wordsaday.com and even read through what I have written. One of my writing actually triggered me, it was the one about mother nature. With an extra thought, I actually asked myself, that I should spend more time outside. With that saying, I stopped whatever I am doing and actually went out.

I always believe in sacrificing time to do what you love to get your dream come true. It is okay to sacrifice time for that but it will never worth even a single second if things are affecting my health. Draining my energy throughout the week may not do anything at first, but if I would continue doing it, negative results may appear. 

Everyone deserves to always take a time off and enjoy life while you still breathing. Happy Weekends everyone!

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    @wernminlim "As a full-time software developer with many ideas and side projects in mind, weekend is where I have more time to concentrate on them. Which is what I actually do right after waking up." I used this sentence as a tweet quote today. You can observe the changes I did to remove some grammar or syntax mistakes. When you use present simple, stick to it instead of using past + present (time concordance).

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 02, 2018 09:51:34
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      some words are redundant as well. for example "wake up in the morning" could be just "wake up" so that you let the reader assume it's morning

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 02, 2018 09:52:29
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    @wernminlim Writing is about self-reflection. When you write something down, I believe you become more likely to organize your thoughts to actually act upon them. In your case, going out to enjoy the beautiful nature.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 01, 2018 16:10:58
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      @wernminlim @basilesamel Totally agree on this! And the best part is that what ever I've planned, I am executing them instead of leaving them with the dust ?

      Gene Lim avatar Gene Lim | Dec 02, 2018 08:50:43
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