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Feb 11, 2019 15:44:32

The Way Forward, Right now

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Rasmus Rygh

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To get one thing straight; 
I don't seek success, or at least when success means admiration, wealth or status. The most common conception of the word.  

I have spent a lot of time trying to look past that. 

What i have found, is that this kind of "success" is purely driven by a need to be perceived as better than someone else. It's the ultimate game of comparison, finding internal value, only if someone else has less then you have, and only if the masses of people you don't know agree with you. This implies viewing the world as a zero-sum game, where the opinions of strangers define who you are. 

Although this view is strongly engraved in us by the laws of natural selection, humanity has been given the opportunity to go beyond our predefined programming.  And lately, it's not just an opportunity anymore, we depend upon doing so for the same reason we created the problems to begin with; survival.  

All around us are huge problems we need to solve, that we can't really do anything worthwhile about with our programming being what it is. Climate change, nuclear arsenals, corrupt political systems. They have all been headlines for many years, yet we are no closer to any lasting solutions. 

I believe there is something going on on a global level that holds the potential for changing all of this though;

The depression rate is skyrocketing. 

Why is that good?

Well, within our predefined genetic programming is the need to look for solutions when faced with life-hindering problems or prolonged suffering. Humanity has done so many times, and when it's done collectively it's usually called a revolution. Which we define as; "a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system"

The old system of natural selection is operating in a completely different environment than it was originally designed for, which might have caused an increase in the depression rate. Given enough time, people who suffer will eventually realize that the old way is hopeless, get fed up, and start to look for solutions. 

The solution to what is troubling the mind might be the mind itself, or rather awareness of how it operates. 

Awareness of how the mind operates makes us capable of questioning our preordained impulses and feelings and releases us from the shackles of natural selection. We can take a step back, view how the feelings arise within us, and realize that we don't have to follow them blindly. You don't choose to feel anger, it's an impulse. Sometimes it's even useful, that's why it survived natural selection, but most of the time, it's unnecessary and causes more harm than good. Road rage is a good example of that. 

Humanity is seeking happiness and fulfillment, not admiration, wealth or status. We only go after those things because the laws of natural selection make us believe it will lead to that. But if you start to look deeply into your desires, you will realize that the fulfillment of admiration, wealth or status is short-lived, sooner or later you will crave something else and no lasting happiness is attained. 

We might be on the brink or realizing this collectively not just intellectually, but through experience for once. The global challenges and the rising depression rate is forcing the individual to look inward, and when we do, there is hope that the revolution of the mind will begin collectively. 

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