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Mar 26, 2019 15:28:29

The Ultimate Deadline : are you procrastinating ?

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The right question posed at the right moment can shine a spotlight on perspectives previously unimaginable. These are the questions that provide piercing insight and enlightenment, while at the same time refusing to offer an 'answer' of its own at all.

One question that affected me happened in a conversation between two ~50 year old men in a podcast. It was setup by another well placed question where one man asked the other the age of his parents, and how often he visited them a year.

74 and 76. Twice a year.

The man then stated that, if they were to live to average life expectancy -- around 78 -- then it's not that there remain two years to spend with his parents, but rather four visits. Would that be enough?

Most of us have struggled with dealing with deadlines in our work and creative lives. Instead of confronting them with clear, realistic analysis, we tend to deploy blind hopefulness and dream within a vague haze. In the short-run this makes the deadline feel further away... so far that it might vanish into that mirage of eternity.

But eventually deadlines arrive. And when they do I've observed myself either rushing to finish it shittely last-minute while lamenting how I'd squandered so much time or simply collapsing to self-destruct within myself.

The questions posed above has shined a spotlight on something that I often try to hide. The ultimate deadline. Death. The one where you really don't want to procrastinate on.

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    @abrahamKim - Yup. The ultimate deadline can push you into avoiding procrastination. I believe that is where the culture of living every day as though it was your last came from. It is very effective in getting me to get important things done.

    Listen to this ted talk - the speaker talks about how he spends one day a week as though he just got a cancer diagnosis... similar powerful concept

    Keni avatar Keni | Mar 26, 2019 10:47:19
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      You've had confrontations with your ulatimte deadline from a very young age right? I remember you writing about how being diagnosed with T1D had you confront your mortality at such a young age. You should write about that more!

      I shall check this TEd talk out!

      Abe avatar Abe | Mar 28, 2019 15:47:12
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      @abrahamKim - Yes I think have a chronic condition especially where there is a chance of sudden death gets you to be more aware of mortality. I remember once reading about a mother who wrote this touching piece. Her own mother died of breast cancer at 42 so all her life she was always pushing to get things done asap. She explains how she always lived expecting to die at the same age so she wanted to do everything before then.
      It was a powerful piece and I wish I could write like that about my experiences.

      Keni avatar Keni | Mar 28, 2019 19:52:23
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      Ah yes. So painful to have early parental death. But also that provides like such a different kind of fuel and appreciation of the shortness of time that others who haven't gone through such do not have.

      Abe avatar Abe | Apr 01, 2019 23:20:19
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