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Apr 04, 2019 06:47:45

The small kid going to nursery

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It's been 4th day today; the small kid has been going to nursery since the beginning of this month. So far so good, he seems to love the nursery, he can wake up early in the morning, bath and going to the nursery with the brother.

He is currently a 21-month-old little one; some might say is too early. My wife can't make the decision in the first place; I did spend some time to convince her. I think we made the right decision; he loves his new adventure, didn't want to come home with us when we go to pick up him.

It is a blessing that he loves to go to nursery, I have seen lots of horror stories online, as a little one that not yet two years old, the teachers say he is entirely independent. He can eat himself, telling the teacher he wants to poo, insist move his things, very much different compared to his brother.

Why do I think to send him to the nursery is a good idea? I have been swarm by lots of things when he at home since he sticks with my wife, most of the time my wife can't do anything other than accompany him. That's the result I need to handle lots of things and sometimes him as well. It's one of the biggest distraction when I work from home.

When my wife wants to do her own thing and I m busy, the only thing we can do is let him watch TV, and that is not really good for the little one and might become a TV kid in the long run. Beside he seem start learning and exploring things, by going to the nursery with the proper teacher guiding, he can really learn something useful. From what we can see only a few days going to school, he starts to wanna talk to everyone when he back home, although what he says still mostly baby mumbles.

Now with much less burden from my shoulder, I can focus and work hard, seriously this helps the relationship for my wife and me as well. We can steal some time to spend together, have some proper conversation and maybe can go for a movie, we didn't step into a cinema for likes 2~3 years, and our life has been busy with kids. 

Consider this as one of the excellent and significant changes this year, and I hope it can bring a positive impact on my family.

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