Dec 30, 2018 23:08:34

The Sadness We Choose

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Keenen Charles

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I was recently talking to some friends about work and life and my perspective was that I enjoy the work I do and it's more valuable to me to devote more time to my personal work right now than some other things. I still have time to go out and travel but my work is a priority for me and the balance is skewed in its favour at the moment. They couldn't understand and thought that seemed sad. Their perspective was that they worked to enjoy everything else in life.

I use the term "work" but I enjoy my work as much as I enjoy doing other fun things. Creating something can be as satisfying to me as a night out. Of course, having a balance is important but sometimes the balance swings and you have to favour one or the other. When I'm travelling I lean towards having fun and my work decreases at that time.

This got me thinking of a line from an old Donald Glover song.

"Is it sad? Sure, but it's a sadness I chose."

The thought of not having something I'm passionate about and "working" towards in my spare time feels just as sad to me. But I know it's something unique to each person. I'm never completely happy when I'm not creating, but creating things takes a lot of time. We only have a limited amount, so sacrifices always have to be made. Me sacrificing some time to create is a sadness I chose.

I think this applies to a lot of decisions we make to prioritise our time. We all have different goals and visions for the life we desire so we spend our time accordingly. If that life doesn't include creating it's understandable that someone else choosing to put significant time towards that can seem sad. Just as if your ideal life doesn't include being fit, spending countless hours at the gym and eating healthy could seem sad too.

There's a sadness we each choose but what we define as "sad" differs for each person. Our personal desires and responsibilities influence the compromises we make to achieve our desired life. It's impossible to always maintain a perfect balance we just have to prioritise the activities we value the most. Whichever decision we make could seem sad to someone else but it's a sadness we choose.

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