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The Power of Habit

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Ever since going on vacation a little over two weeks ago I have struggled to keep my streak alive for more than a few days at a time. Theoretically, this isn't a big deal - I am still writing fairly consistently, which is a massive improvement from pre-200WAD! At the same time, it has got me thinking about how powerful habits and routines are.

When we form a habit or a routine, the decisions we make and the actions we take come second-nature. There is no additional thought required to execute - we just do it. Before leaving on vacation I would spend time thinking about what I would write for the day. Typically I read many newsletters and articles so if anything, I had some material to refer to. Or I would become more aware of my thoughts or emotions throughout the day and perhaps construct a post around that.

However, after my vacation, my writing habit had somewhat diminished. I still had the desire to write consistently but I lacked the burning desire to write each and every day without fail. I failed to actively seek out potential content and would simply not write something if nothing came to mind.

What are some tips and tricks you follow to recover from a previously established habit or routine? When external forces threaten to disrupt your routine, how do you deal with them?

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    I just finished a long break too. And now I am in the phase of recovering and evaluating my routine and schedule. After failing too many times, I come to a conclusion that I can revert to my good habit in just 2 weeks.

    The first week, I spent on thinking the new schedule and how to adjust it with my routine. The second week, I spent on adjusting and evaluating my current schedule whether it needs improvement or changes. Before, it took me at least, 2 months just to be back on a good habit since I gave up way too easily.

    Personally, I dislike slipping away from my established routine but sometimes life happened. So, these days when it happens, I am usually doing a self talk which includes, forgiving myself for not doing something rigidly.

    Just don't let one single day accumulates into several days and we ended up not doing our good habit.

    macchiata avatar macchiata | Feb 22, 2019 10:51:35
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      @macchiata These are great points! I like how you actually evaluate your new schedule and routine to see what is or isn't working. Something for me to think about if my routine gets disrupted again!

      David Neuman avatar David Neuman | Feb 22, 2019 15:45:42
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    @davidneuman you are asking very interesting questions. I can recover from the broken streak because I realize that one missed day will not make a big impact on me, and giving up on my goal because of one missed day is not something I fancy doing. So I totally agree with what you said — consistency is what matters.

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