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May 31, 2019 22:05:33

The Perils of Free Will

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Keenen Charles

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I recently finished playing Tales of Berseria. It'a JRPG with one of the best stories and cast of characters that I've played in a long time. Within the first twenty minutes, you're sucked into a story of family betrayal and a quest for revenge.

As the story progresses it focuses on an argument between free will and chaos. On one side we have the heroes who believe everyone is entitled to decide their fates and that's what makes us human. On the other side, you have the villains who believe that society will always fall to chaos because humans are driven by emotions and their own selfish desires.

It's hard to argue either side is completely right or wrong. A perfectly logical world where we each put the needs of society above our own would certainly be more peaceful. But would it truly be living? Our emotions and desires are what make us human even the negative ones. 

But is being truly human worth a chaotic society?

I side with the heroes' argument here. The chaos borne from our emotions is life itself. Life is our own perception of reality warped and shaped by our unique vision. A sterile, logical, existence isn't really living. It's just completing tasks like an algorithm made flesh. 

Is free will worth the perils that come with it? Absolutely. But what do I know, I'm a selfish human.

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