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Apr 18, 2019 23:52:55

The next level of the contest

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A few days ago I joined the speech contest at the next-next level of which I wrote about the contest in the post "Speech Contest Prep - lessons from 200WaD".  

I was inspired and encouraged by other contestants. I saw a different level of speeches. Some seem to be a show or an acting drama. Here are some takeaways: 

  • The strong story 
    Other contestants have a very powerful experience to support the story e.g., convincing of us to eat healthier food based on the experience of cancer, telling to have prejudice based on the experience of being bullied due to skin color.
    Although I talked about what I learned in 200Wad, I am also proud of what I was doing since such a big accident or tragedic event cannot happen all the time. Instead of relying on such an event, I made an action, and generate the story out of it. This way is more sustainable and reproducible.  I do not rely on luck.

  • Vocal variety
    "vocal variety" is one of the typical feedback but I saw the next level of vocal variety. The range of pitch, intonation, posing, speed, a different type of characters, etc. Not only just the range but they were used effectively in the right position at their speech.  


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    @hiro super inspiring! I bookmarked your post on 200WaD to feature it in the Tips section later

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Apr 19, 2019 20:01:37
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