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May 24, 2019 18:59:38

The main enemy of human is stress

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A woman in black coat is sitting in the center of an empty dark room. She is meditating around old chair covered white textile and tables with candles on it. She is waited for something bad, so it's the reason why she came to this old house.

Five minutes, ten minutes, one hour... She doesn't notice that time is going because of her concentration. She is still breathing deeply and calmly. The wind blows her brunette hair slowly.

And suddenly, the candles light up, the wind becomes harder. She understands that something bad is coming... 

The woman takes off her coat and shows her red corset and leggins.

Is she a super hero? No, of course. She is ordinary woman that is sitting in the old house waiting for someone bad. Ha-ha. Did you trust?

The house is rounded by ninjas. She is ready to fight with them. But... ninjas aren't the main enemy of this woman.

The main enemy of every human is a stress. So, she tried to straggle with it by meditating, but these ninjas didn't allow to do that.

So, what to do with this ninjas that bring stress to this woman?

She must to understand what is behind this mask of ninja.


I saw a movie today and there was the same scene (begging), but then I decided to add my thoughts about stress, hah.

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