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Mar 25, 2019 18:30:09

The last week of March

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It's last week of March. I got to know about this reading one story here. And I want to say that this news shocked me β€” I didn't expect the ending of this month are coming.

I almost never check the calendar. Therefore, sometimes I don't know what is a day of the week today. I guess it's strange. And, yes, it's strange. 

It's strange that time is passing fast. The time looks like it wants to run away from me. The transience of time, life feels specially when you don't look on the calendar or spend days like a small potato on a ranch.

I decided to set realistic goals for the April, because I realized that I set goals only for the year, but didn't do it for the March. 

I did it. I don't tell you these goals. It's my small secret.

Then I opened Timestripe to realize that our life is too short and to fall into depression. I always become upset when I use this site β€” they fit my life into four lines! (But I really recommend this thing. It's powerful. You will become an a Superman of time.)

I didn't fall into depression, because I'm just 19. I decided to fall into depression later β€” maybe in 20 or 34 or never.

Then I watched two movies...

And now I'm smiling, because I feel so romantic and excited. (I am convinced that I am very romantic person.) Life is amazing and I shouldn't waste time. 

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