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Jan 30, 2019 20:54:46

The Joy of Making

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Seun Oyebode

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Red mud. 


Carefully mixed and sometimes not so careful. This, in the hand of a toddler would have been a play. But as the sculptor begins to make shape with doused mud, beauty is born.

The joy of making.

The smell of freshly sawed wood. Beauty and dirt has no greater meeting point. The master woodworker smells the fresh wood, begins to carve.

The beauty of making.

Some start out like a mash, some as pudding. Some get cooked, some not really. The maker never leaves without dirt. But the eater savours pure culinary joy.

The joy of making.

The maker seldom have an idea when the bundle of thread will get used up or better still when it will form the desired shape. Minute after minute, sometimes night times some day times. The needle finally gets to rest and a beautiful coat is born.

The beauty of making.

To you, it's just an ordinary paper. To him, it's a canvas. He can't wait to get hold of a pencil and sketch greatness to life.

The joy of making.

Economical need has made this joy desert many. 

To everyone who understands there's no silver bullet, that the process of making a a work of art is as glorious as it's auction. 

To these ones I call. 

Whenever you make, savour the joy, inhale the beauty.

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