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Mar 21, 2019 05:57:10

the Jolt Out of Bed

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Brian Ball

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I awoke this morning with a jolt. The kind of lightning you read about; like that in the minds of Einstein or Edison. It was the collision of two ideas with tremendous force. 

A weld is strong:

A blacksmith knows the fusing of two pieces of metal creates the strongest part. 

The idea that fused together to wake me up was like that. Strong.

But, a quick search tells me this idea isn't unique. Other people experienced this flash of two ideas sexing in the night. What?

Just because others have had the idea doesn't make it less powerful. On the contrary. Now, my idea is validated. It means other people will get it. It's an idea that makes sense, it just took until now for me to discover it.

Neurons firing:

Anything that pops me out of bed with excitement is valuable. I won't be discouraged that I'm not a unique snowflake living in my own fantasy world. 

All ideas aren't unique snowflakes.

I'm one of us; one of many. Great minds think alike. I'll embrace the fact that my mind is working at all. My smile knows my neurons are firing and WonderWeldβ„’ is working on fun ideas while I slumber.

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