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The Internet Provides Community For All

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The internet is a lot of things, some horrible, but I think we sometimes forget the amazing parts of it that have transformed society everywhere.

It used to be that you were mostly limited to wherever you grew up. Your beliefs, ideas, friends, were all a result of your home and there wasn't much room for change. Unless you travelled a lot or moved to another country you were essentially stuck with what you were born with.

From it's earliest days the internet has provided a new form of community that isn't restricted geographically. For all the evils it leads to the value of this shouldn't be underestimated. For me living in a small country where entrepreneurship isn't the typical route and tech entrepreneurship even less so I don't think I would've considered this path if it wasn't for the internet.

A lot of people view increased representation as a token effort with no value but I think that when you're not from the traditional background in a particular field it's easier to see the true value. When you can see like-minded people, from varied backgrounds, pursuing similar goals to yourself it only grows to increase your own self-belief. The internet has allowed me to find people that I can relate to in this field and know that it's possible for me too. Without this, it's easy to limit yourself and your goals by what you see around you and I think this is the key value of increased representation:

Making everyone aware of what's possible for people like them.

So while the internet is changing society in many negative ways as well it's also increasing the possibilities people from around the world see for themselves. Everyone needs a support system in their endeavours and the internet provides that despite where you live. There's nothing more encouraging in pursuing your dreams than realizing you're not the only one.

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