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Jun 13, 2019 06:50:19

The hundredth post to 200wad: some rambling reflections

by @rosieodsey PATRON | 207 words | 🐣 | 222💌

Rosie Odsey

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I discovered 200 words a day through the Product Hunt Makers Festival.

The first time I tried it, I was in a cafe on the Gold Coast. I had sat down to afternoon tea before a workshop and I had some spare time.

I wrote 200 words about why wearing white is risky.

It took a month and a half for me to return on 6 March 2019.

Since that day, I have broken the streak only once.

I got back on the horse the next day. It was a bit of a mental battle.

For me, writing daily is about keeping the tap on. I find that tap difficult to turn on. Maybe 18 months ago, I worked hard to turn it on. Now that it's on, I work to keep it on.

I'm lucky to be something of a working writer. I write content, strategy, and copy for a living. I get to make things.

I don't think I could sustain that work without this beautiful supportive community. There is inherent emotional risk with putting out creative work for a living. The good enough question comes up. Imposter syndrome lurks. The fraud police alerts come up on your radar.

And my answer is to just keep writing.

Just keep writing.

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    @rosieodsey 100 posts is a great accomplishment! Keep going and thanks for sharing :)

    Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Jun 13, 2019 05:28:53
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      @juliasaxena Thanks Julia! I will

      Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Jun 14, 2019 09:31:25
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    @rosieodsey Congrats on your 100th post! I missed your post about how you broke your streak, so I added both to the Tips section. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jun 13, 2019 05:55:17
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      @basilesamel Cheers Basile. Thanks for the making this all happen :)

      Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Jun 14, 2019 09:31:43
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    @rosieodsey - I really enjoy the reflections we're having as we hit the milestones along the way. want to @jacklyons -- to mention this is a big part of the unseen-why.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 12, 2019 15:03:06
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    @rosieodsey 100 posts is quite an accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Keep going.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 12, 2019 14:07:10
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      @brandonwilson Thanks Brandon!

      Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Jun 14, 2019 09:32:39
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