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May 11, 2019 17:46:13

The human who doesn't see black. Me.

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The light of the eyes blamed everything dark and the human who has these eyes haven't seen black colors.

Once, he saw a boy without body β€” the boy was dressed in a black t-shirt.

Also, he was taking the clothe of her girlfriend for one night when he was scared by her black bra. The woman had a black bra and he thought that it was holes in her breasts. He didn't know what to do, he was shocked, screamed and run away from her. She got throught that he is mad.

His maddeness was a secret power of his brain that could see.

Oh, I'm laying on a bad and typing these words with almost closed eyes because I want to sleep. But I won't sleep, because I have to cook, I didn't cook. Oops, I wanted to say "eat".

Writing about special topic takes energy. And for the current moment, I do not have an energy but I'm trying to make my eyes open.

There is just 34 words. Oh this is very difficult for me now. 

It's cold, I am laying under two blankets and feel very good, because these blankets are very warm. Sleep is warm too.

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