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Jan 11, 2019 01:50:04

The Gutter is a Great Place to Start

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Where do you start writing?

  1. On this Website?
  2. Microsoft Word?
  3. Scrivener?
  4. Google Docs?

I start mine in Scrivener where I have a folder titled “Abe’s Trash” and everything starts from there. I begin writing out of the trash and only upgrade it later, because when I’m writing in the trash I don’t feel so obligated to make things perfect. I can write seamlessly. The gutter is a great place to start.

Just a moment ago, I had opened up 200WAD to write but couldn’t. I was filled with some anxiety, until a moment of clarity made me realize I wasn’t writing where I normally did. I wasn’t writing from the Trash!

It's purely psychological, because I mean the Trash is really just a folder labeled as trash, but maybe this can help you too.

Of course, I still struggle with continuing and finishing pieces. 

My strategy for tackling this problem is to treat a long piece like a music album that consists of many songs. So instead of having one huge document say - novel (50,000 words) - I have snippet A (400 words -- theme A), snippet B (300 words -- theme B), snippet C (750 words -- theme A again), and so on… each one of them starting out of the trash.

I’ve already been employing this strategy. I still struggle to finish a piece, but I’ve improved.

My friend just wrote me an email that said ‘having high expectations is one of the most dangerous things you can do’.

I think on the daily grind this is true. To have high expectations on what you are doing at the moment, is dangerous. You want to be okay with messing up right now. You can improve later. 

Having too high of expectations now, will lead to poor long term results.

Where high expectations belong is the long term, the existential.

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    @abrahamKim I write with vim and the Goyo plugin ;)

    Tim Subiaco avatar Tim Subiaco | Jan 14, 2019 22:05:30
    • 1

      @abrahamKim Keeps me focused and makes me feel like a hacker

      Tim Subiaco avatar Tim Subiaco | Jan 14, 2019 22:05:54
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      LMao seriously VIM? Do you do some hacking at your day job? VIM also feels kind of like a video game

      Abe avatar Abe | Jan 14, 2019 23:02:00
    • 1

      @abrahamKim hack a bit but mainly get stuck in vim and not know how to escape

      Tim Subiaco avatar Tim Subiaco | Jan 20, 2019 20:37:05
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    @abrahamKim - very nice tactic!

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jan 11, 2019 04:43:33
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    @abrahamKim When we start at the bottom, we have nowhere to go but up and onward =) Great read!

    Lex Tan avatar Lex Tan | Jan 11, 2019 04:26:33
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      As Drake would say:

      Started at the bottom, now we here!

      Abe avatar Abe | Jan 11, 2019 04:30:18
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    @abrahamKim I completely agree with you. I feel the same way when I write on here, and I feel pressured then I stop writing midway.

    Yaki avatar Yaki | Jan 11, 2019 03:02:55
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      So do you end up writing offline? Or do you just sometimes write and sometimes end up quitting?

      Abe avatar Abe | Jan 11, 2019 04:27:52
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      @abrahamKim I write offline most of the time. That way I can actually write without feeling the pressue to finish something. With your latter question, I am like that most of the time! Haha. I write, then I quit. Then I write about another subject when I get back to writing. I apparently have trouble finishing what I started doing. :P

      Yaki avatar Yaki | Jan 12, 2019 23:10:35
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