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Apr 29, 2019 21:51:00

The Goal

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Look what arrived in the mail!

Let’s learn The Theory of Constraints with a graphic novel


Did the automation increase productivity?

Yes if

- you ship more product

- reduced cost

- removed employees

Otherwise no. A 36% improvement in one task does not mean the whole process is more efficient.

Just because your thinking aligns with everybody else’s thinking doesn’t mean you’re thinking


Actions that move you towards The Goal are productive. Actions that don’t, aren’t.

You can’t define productivity without a goal 🤨

This goes completely against western ideas of productivity as being busy all the time.

Slowest hiker in front reduces perceived speed but increases actual speed. No more wasted time waiting around and herding

elays and WIP pileups are your best indication of bottlenecks

You can’t make up time lost on a bottleneck 🤔

If you’re the bottleneck, your every break is extra expensive

Sometimes reducing efficiency improves overall productivity.

A good example is a senior engineer taking time to explain something to a junior. Or writing docs for the future.

If your non bottlenecks are over feeding the bottleneck, shit piles up.

It’s okay to let people sit idle. Even a must if they’re too efficient

And this is how you make anythibg faster

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