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May 14, 2019 10:34:49

The email to send when a project is stuck and you're at risk of throwing in the towel

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I've written so many versions of this email but it never gets easier.

It's time to send it again.

It's always fine once it's sent but it's difficult to (a) realise that it's time to send it and (b) write it and (c) actually click send.

So here, for all of you who are in this situation, I've done (b) for you.

That also includes my future self.

I totally respect anyone who sends me a version of this email.

At worst, it's seen as a sign of weakness and incompetence, and the rest of the project drags. It was going to drag anyway, and I've increased my ability to ask.

At best, we have a great call and the project is infinitely better for it.

I hope this is helpful.


Dear X,

I'm so grateful that you got me involved in project Y.

I'm feeling really anxious about it because I don't feel as if I've been pulling my weight. I'm not quite sure what the block is - maybe it's clarity, maybe it's a structural thing, or maybe ye olde imposter syndrome is striking on this one.

I care about it a lot and I want to make a real concerted effort from here until deadline. Can I ask you for 15 minutes to talk about next steps? I would really appreciate it.

I know I can kill it, I just probably need to spitball it with someone.



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