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Jan 03, 2019 20:45:37

The Donut Shop at 9th & Judah

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Brian Ball

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I'm the youngest person in the shop. I'm the only one using a laptop. The people that come in for donuts are older. It's a meal for them. They eat and then hangout people watching. I'm doing that a little myself.

One guy grabs two delicious-looking donuts and a large coffee to eat here. He's done this before. He points and kind of grumbles: "Gimme that one... no the one next to it."

Another lady, in her 70's comes in with her tongue flicking in and out, like a snake. Is she sensing which donut to choose. She leans in over her cane with a stretched out finger and points to a maple, cake donut on the third shelf down. She hobbles over to a stool along the window and enjoys her donut as she looks around -- still like a snake.

A third guy is looking around. He's got the presence of somebody who's a little paranoid or curious. He wants to make sure he knows who else is here and that there will be no surprises coming his way. He's old-school mafia I imagine and he's got some unfinished business. He points to the glazed, old-fashioned and requests one with extra icing. He adds a chocolate bar and takes the bag to go. No coffee.

A younger guy walks in and confidently orders a single chocolate cream and confirms by saying, "That'll be all." He drops the change in the tip cup. It sounded like a $0.50 tip on a $2.50 donut. Generous. A younger generation for sure.

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