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Jun 13, 2019 15:24:26

The Beeper 2.0

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Corey Rabazinski

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Younger generations hate phone calls. There is study after study that shows the declining usage of voice calls and overall preference for text communication. 

Random calls throughout the day are hard to schedule for which makes it hard to answer the call the first time around. I would put my first call answer rate around 10%. 

The other problem is that phone calls often feel like an emergency. If someone is calling you there must be a problem. This leads to aversion of the medium when calling just to catch up with family or friends should be a good thing!

I don't think the phone is the problem. The way phone notifications work in the context of our current communication protocols is fundamentally broken. The call notification and its kin, the voicemail, haven't made any improvements to fit into today's world. 

I think there is a space for a notification protocol that is between a call and a text message. Something that tells the receiver 'hey, give me a call when you get a chance' and delivers with it a status icon that shows if the person is currently available. 

With something like this available at the OS-level, people wouldn't have to guess when someone is available for a call. It would also help avoid the dreaded "call me" text message. 

Voice calls are important and I think most people actually enjoy the medium. It is an effective and efficient way to communicate. 

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