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Jun 05, 2019 22:28:24

The Avengers-Harvard Business Review crossover

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Jason Leow

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Continuing from yesterday's crossover post, today it's superheroes meet business world. A lame attempt at writing fiction: 

* See the original case studies from Harvard Business Review here and here.


The Avengers that has just completed a large merger (with SHIELD) is debating whether to retain all the superhero teams that came with the acquisition. The CFO (Chief Fighting Officer) argues that it would be possible for each of them to have its own "swim lane," and that the result would be $200 million in annual cost savings; greater negotiating power with other global powers; and the ability to boost both firepower, by cross-deploying superheroes, and diplomatic influence, by leveraging on Hydra's secret facilities. Others argue that streamlining the teams will enable more resources to go to the most successful ones, like team Iron Man.

Moreover, the CEO (Chief Extraterrestrial Ops) must figure out how to handle an ongoing conflict between two of his top executives, Iron Man (CTO) and Captain America (COO). His CTO and COO are constantly at each other's throats, and the tension is having a bad ripple effect on their teams and the rest of the organization. Should he change the company's compensation scheme to encourage better collaboration (the Sokovia Accords?), get the executives coaching (he heard that Odin is considering retirement soon, maybe he can coach...), or do more team-building activities (Thanos had a interesting idea to create an internal crisis called the Snappening, to get the team working together)? Or should he fire one or both of the warring executives (Zemo might be able to help)? 

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