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Jan 12, 2019 23:41:49

The Amazon frenziness

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Felix DB

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We all have that friend who buys EVERYTHING on Amazon. Once, while I was at a friend's house, the delivery man came twice in 2 hours, for two different orders. And one of the two times, he was delivering toilet paper. 

Need a new charger? 30 seconds and 3 clicks later, it will be delivered at your place in the next 24 hours. Even if it's the weekend. And you can replace "charger" with anything. Literally. 

The Challenge

It's so easy, so rewarding, so convenient. You can have anything on the snap of a finger.

It's so crazy, that we even wonder how they make money. 

They're not making money on me, I can tell you. 

Oh yes, they're probably doing a lot 😉.

Is it an addiction or is Amazon really filling a need? Unfortunately, I'm not pro-Amazon, so I can't answer. But if the hat fits you, please try that test:

- Next time you go on Amazon, wait 30 full seconds on the product page before buying it. Did you change page or close your phone or got distracted? Did you still buy it?

- After you buy your next product on Amazon, log out from it. Hit that logout button, and close the app. Repeat every time you buy something on Amazon. Does it force you to buy less stuff?

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